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woof, woof, meow, meow!....aka "Dickinson Dogs & Cats need YOUR help!"

"We represent the 22 dogs and cats recently euthanized
because of overpopulation in the Dickinson Impound.  
Our lives ended the first week of November 2008."
Currently any dog or cat not claimed by the 11th day may be destroyed.
"We need you to be our voice."

Why is this happening?   
The Dickinson Police Department/Animal Control has limited resouces in which to work.  The current pound allows for 7 dogs and about 7 cats.  Our community consists of over 16,000 people, think of how many of these people have cats and dogs!  

The number of abandoned pets in our community is ever increasing.  People seem to be less and less acountable for their pets.  These dogs and cats can end up living out their lives in the pound.  What a way to go. 

Current annual budget allows $1,600.00 for expenses with Dickinson's current pound.  This is not enough money for a decent animal control system in our community.  Often times animal control asks for donations from local businesses in order to feed the impounded cats and dogs.   When an animal comes in injured or sick, more often than not, they remain without medical care until the cat or dog is removed from the pound by a rescue group, adopted by someone, or destroyed.  

What can I do? 
First and most importantly, we need to work together.  We need to open minds, educate our community, and demand changes.  
The more who join our mission, the stronger our force.  

The current Dickinson Animal Ordinance needs to be rewritten.  First of all, Dickinson's current ordinance is difficult to enforce.  Many community pet owners have been allowed to exercise lackadaisical pet ownership, leading to overwhelming situations for our City and local rescue groups.   Second, the current Animal Ordinance does not support a successful animal control system.  Please find a copy of Dickinson's current Animal Ordinance below, for your review.  Once we have a working ordinance, our community members must be aware of it and abide by it.  Our Law Enforcement must make people accountable for their pets by enforcing this ordinance.   Please remember, the ordinance's primary purpose is to keep our community and our pets safe. 
License and vaccinate your pet!  Make sure your pet wears a collar with proof of this.  If you lose a dog or cat, visit the pound to make sure it does not end up in harms way.   Look for your pet.  Don't expect your pet to come back in time, he or she may not have the opportunity. 

Spay and Neuter your Pets.  This is always a good idea. The homeless population of cats and dogs is ever increasing.  Having a litter of kittens or puppies only increases the number of unwanted older pets.  Support the local veterinarians who do what they can to help the pound animals, Yost Veterinary Service and West Dakota Veterinary Clinic Inc.

If you are looking for a new pet, please do your homework.  Know what pet ownership entails, (specific breeds, size, etc.) and be ready for a lifetime commitment.   Please consider adoption, these cats and dogs are often times the most appreciative and loving pets you will ever welcome into your family.      

Voice your Concerns.   Below you will find links to the people who can help us make a difference.  Please take a minute to let them know how you feel about this matter, and what you want them to do about it.   

We invite you to join our crusade, together we can save Dickinson Dogs and Cats! Please sign our contact form and we will keep you informed on the progress of this situation.

If you are interested in knowing more, doing more, or becoming a member of our Referral System, Resource Center or SPU Team, please fill out the following and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Your gift of time, energy, and consideration in helping the pets in South West North Dakota is greatly appreciated and will certainly help make a difference in protecting the pets of our community. 


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                                                    meow, meow, woof, woof................ aka "THANK YOU!"   
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